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The design services represent the full range of residential design services we offer. However, some residential projects do not require all of these services. In these instances, we can tailor our services around the specific needs of the client and project.

On some projects, such as small additions or renovations it is sometimes more cost effective for the client to have the designer prepare a set of “permit drawings”. These drawings contain the necessary information for the builder to provide the client with an accurate cost estimate as well as obtain a building permit from the local building department. Please note that not all of the services listed below are required on every project. The range of services required can vary with each client as every project is unique.

Because we all live in houses of one sort or another, it is often not appreciated just how many decisions have to be made before a house, an addition or a remodeling can be built. Someone at some time during the design or construction process has to think everything through in order for the house to be both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

A designer's most important skill is the ability to listen. By listening carefully, we assist our clients in achieving their needs and wants as well as their dreams and desires. Through a close working relationship, the owner and designer together create a unique and distinctive home. It is our goal to act as your guide and advocate throughout this process.

Designing a custom home is a wonderful and educational experience. The process of seeing your dream home from start to finish is amazing. Bobbi Thomas Builders takes designing the right home for you and your family very seriously. We understand that while designing a new custom home can be exciting and fun, it can also be intimidating and sometimes a little scary. Our six-step design process helps ensure that our client’s experience is exciting, unique, pleasurable, and predictable. The six steps (phases) to our design process are: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Engineering, Pricing and Construction Administration

Schematic Design (SD) - Duration of phase: 3-4 weeks

During the SD phase the owner will need to provide a Property Survey (showing any easements and property setbacks), HOA Covenants and Restrictions, and HOA Architectural Design/Review Documentation.

During the SD phase, the draftsman will create a thorough list of project objectives, measure the affected spaces, draw base plans, develop schematic design, and review options with the Owner. 
The SD phase includes the following steps and 3 site visits:

  • Programming Meeting: Draftsman will review a checklist with the Owner to collect complete information regarding desired size, function, and aesthetic of new or renovated spaces.

  • Draftsman will create initial design options and review with Owner.

  • Draftsman will meet the owner on site to discuss the layout of the property.

Design Development (DD) - Duration of phase: 1-2 weeks

Once the Owner selects a design direction, the Draftsman adds detail and incorporates requested changes. These are then reviewed in person.

The DD phase includes the following steps:

• Draftsman revises drawings based on Owner feedback.

• Draftsman reviews changes with Owner.

Construction Documents (CD) - Duration of phase: 1-2 week

Any additional changes are incorporated and the draftsman will proceed with the construction documents. The Draftsman will develop construction documents in accordance with the building codes and zoning ordinances having jurisdiction. The construction documents will include:

  • Site Plan

  • Zoning and code information permitting

  • Floor Plans

  • Interior and exterior elevations

  • Door and window details

  • Construction Details

  • Plumbing & Electrical Details

  • General Notes


Engineering Design (ED) - Duration of phase: 2-3 weeks

After the owner has signed the final design, the plans will be engineered according to the building codes and zoning ordinances having jurisdiction. After plans are engineered, owner changes are discouraged. The owner agrees to additional pricing if the owner decides to make changes after the plans have been engineered. (See fee schedule below)

Pricing - Duration of Pricing phase: 2-3 weeks

Once the construction documents are complete to the Owner’s satisfaction, preliminary pricing may be obtained from professional contractors. During this phase, the Draftsman works with owner’s to provide the contractor with all construction drawings. If Bobbi Thomas Builders is the contractor Bobbi Thomas Builders will work with subcontractors on project pricing.

Construction Administration (CA) - phase lasts for duration of construction

If Bobbi Thomas Builders is not the general contractor the Residential Design Draftsman agrees to act as the Owner’s advocate during the construction phase for a fee. This service would include the following: answering contractor questions, interpreting the construction documents, and assisting with final product, material, and color selections if needed. The fee schedule for this service is below. If Bobbi Thomas Builders is the contractor this service is provided free of charge.

Design & Engineering Fee

The Residential Drafting Design service rate is $1.90 per square foot total under roof (TUR). Total Under Roof includes the following: heated square footage, garages, porches, patios, basements (heated or unheated) and detached structures like detached garages, guest suites, or cabanas.

Residential Drafting Designer fee is paid in three installments:

  • Initial Payment Due at Contract Signing (1/2 of the total cost)

  • Construction Document Phase (CD) is due after client signs final design

  • Final Payment is due after the Engineering Design Phase is complete

Additional Drafting Design Services:

  • Owners Advocate / Owners Rep $150.00 / per hour

  • Residential Design Fee for changes made by owner after engineering $300.00 / per hour

In addition to the services described above, the Draftsman’s fee includes four hours of product selection assistance (can be used for product and material research or shopping trips), and two hours of contractor evaluation time which may include interviewing contractors with the Owner or meeting to discuss estimates if Bobbi Thomas Builders is not the contractor.


During Construction Administration, most assistance by the Draftsman is provided remotely, via telephone and email.


Additional services beyond those described above may be performed at the Owner’s written request.

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