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Construction project management transcends an idea from conception through design, build and final acceptance.  The lack of planning, poor pre-construction preparation, poor communications and weak contract administration are leading causes of problems in construction projects.  By applying the Project Management Institute’s generally accepted principals for construction projects, a customized service offering can be tailored to meet the demands of your project

Construction Project Management Consulting Services

  • Translation of ideas and general requirements into a statement of work to obtain initial bids

  • Advisory guidance on contractor/ sub-contractor bid evaluation and selection criteria

  • Non-legal review and negotiations of contracts and construction documents

  • Lead planning activities and oversee schedule review sessions to monitor design/ build activities

  • Develop owner-centric cost reports that summarize critical cost data

  • Analyze changed conditions and delays, and evaluate their impact on the project completion

  • Assess the project life-cycle, risks, costs, performance and quality to determine required actions

  • Provide pre-drywall and final inspections, as needed

  • Facilitate project close-out and monitor the resolution of walk-thru items

When To Schedule A Construction Project Management Consulting Service

Scheduling the construction project management consulting should occur prior to engaging contractors and sub-contractors for bid proposals however, my understanding of construction activities and project management principals allow me the opportunity provide consulting at any time within the project.

What  To Expect

Your customized service offering will be tailored to your project to include, recommended items that may require attention or follow-up with the appropriate professionals.

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