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Bobbi Thomas Design | Build | Develop offers the following consulting services to individual investors, property owners and businesses for both commercial and residential development:

Land Acquisition / Site Investigation

  • Review existing due diligence information available on the property.

  • Meet with county planning and utilities departments to discuss potential issues and requirements related to tenant uses, including zoning and parking for example.

  • Meet with DOT to discuss potential issues and requirements, such as entrances, sight distances, and road improvements.

  • Assist clients in preliminary site layout to maximize development of the property.

  • Research utility issues onsite, such as location of utilities to be moved and the estimated costs of doing so.

  • Prepare preliminary site development budget.

  • Assist clients with communicating with site civil engineers to obtain boundary and topographic surveys, if needed.

  • Assist clients with hiring environmental consultants and geotechnical consultants, if needed.

  • Prepare estimated project schedule.


Pre-Construction Management

  • Assist clients with an architect to prepare building elevations and plans.

  • Coordinate with site civil engineers to obtain final site plan and construction drawings.

  • Coordinate with architect to obtain building plan approval, if needed.

  • Prepare and submit county site plan permit and building permit applications.

  • Assist clients with site-work and building construction. Review proposals and recommend selection of site and general contractors.

  • Provide recommendations for value engineering, as feasible.

Construction Management

  • Coordinate survey and stakeout work by site civil engineer.

  • Coordinate services of civil engineer, site and building contractors.

  • Provide value engineering services as feasible.

  • Hire and coordinate services of third-party testing firm as needed.

  • Perform weekly site visits during the construction period to review contractor performance and adherence to schedule.

  • Perform monthly review of contractor payment requisitions.


Project Close-Out

  • Provide a pre-punch list to all subcontractors.

  • Establish final punch list with client.

  • Schedule and monitor completion of punch list in a timely manner.

  • Provide close-out documents including as-built plans and O&M manuals.

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