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Our owner representative service allows our staff to serve as an extension of the project owner. Most project owners, by no fault of their own, do not have the construction management experience or required resources to properly guide their project to completion. By providing the leadership, guidance, and expertise needed throughout the duration of the project, we protect the owner’s interest from project inception to project closeout.

We provide project pre-construction planning, on-site representation, and essential oversight to ensure that construction progresses in accordance with contract drawings and specification, on time, and within budget – allowing project owners to focus on their principle business interests without the distraction of constant construction issues. As the Owner’s Representative, we serve as the principal point of contact for designers and contractors. Each of our project teams is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and project. This involvement leads to:

  • Development of Overall Project Strategy and Management Procedures

  • Definition of Team Members Responsibilities and Reporting Systems

  • Budget Management and Control

  • Value Engineering and Constructibility

  • Scope Control and Contingency Planning

  • Scheduling and Phasing Strategies

  • Coordination with all Local Authorities and Regulatory Agencies

  • Establishing Critical Long-Lead Material/Purchasing Criteria

  • Construction Staging and Decanting Strategy

  • Issue Resolution

We provide our clients with the knowledge and experience to keep them abreast of events, enabling them to make informed and timely decisions. Doing business with us translates to hands-on involvement from day one and the total coordination and integration of the functional aspects of the project. From the early planning phases of a project to project closeout, our team aims to find and implement solutions for successful project delivery. Our staff’s diverse education and training contributes toward making us a unique entity in the industry. This diversity enables our staff to facilitate and provide:

  • Dedicated Involvement of Top Management

  • A Solid Background in Construction, Engineering & Estimating

  • Innovative Scheduling Applications

  • Extensive Experience in Change Order Review Programs

  • Construction Dispute Support

Construction Workers
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